With New 52 Superboy, only one thing is constant: Change.

The latest development? Jon Lane Kent, who's been acting as Superboy for the last few months, is dead. And Kon-El, who was killed late last year, has returned.

And… well, it looks like Kon's going to have something to do with the introduction of a Gen 13 team to the New 52.

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* Summary:
- Superboy battles an army of Superboys from across the Multiverse!

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Superboy # 33
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* Summary:
- Superboy and Guardian travel to a remote base to uncover one last secret about the time-traveling son of Superman's past and future! It will alter the young hero's destiny and his perspective on his role in the DC Universe.

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* Summary:
The Teen of Steel decides it's time to become more proactive in his battle against evil. The H.I.V.E. agency and their psi-operatives are a perfect place to begin. But as Superboy, with help from the Teen Titans, get closer to these lethal enemies, they'll find secrets and revelations darker than they ever could have imagined.

This new chapter of the Teen of Steel begins with rising star writer Justin Jordan (The Strange Talent of Luther Strode) taking the helm on SUPERBOY VOL. 4: BLOOD AND STEEL, collecting issues #20-27.

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How many Superboys are there? We try to find out how many there will be.

There's a lot going on in the pages of SUPERBOY these days. You're probably aware that Kon El, the Superboy we first saw at the beginning of this series in the New 52 has been replaced by Jon Kent. But then who is calling out to Jon and what's this about an "army of Superboys"?

We talked to Aaron Kuder about the latest issue

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Superboy # 32
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* Summary:
- First, in SUPERBOY #32, Jon Lane Kent has returned to the present day and is discovering he’s not as alone in the world as he thought. But he’s also not alone in his thoughts. There’s a psychic link between him and another Superboy! Is it Kon? Can he trust the voice in his head? Jon takes off for a N.O.W.H.E.R.E. lab to find out. What comes next changes Jon’s life forever. Look for SUPERBOY #32, written by Aaron Kuder and illustrated by Jorge Jimenez, this Wednesday.

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According to DC Comics August 2014 solicitations released, 6 DC comics will be seeing their final issues in August (or more likely September, considering the The Futures' End one-shot). The titles that will be ending are as follows:

1. All-Star Western
2. Superboy
3. Birds of Prey
4. Batwing
5. Trinity of Sin: The Phantom Stranger
6. Trinity of Sin: Pandora

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DC Comics has revealed September's Futures' End # 1 cover looks for a lot of the solicitations as well as its creative line-up teams. Please see the covers and creative line up teams in the link source. But here are my favorites

Writer: Sholly Fisch
Penciller: Pascal Alixe
Cover: Lee L Weeks
With the Man of Steel missing, ordinary people around the world start to mysteriously exhibit his strengths and abilities

Writer: Ray Fawkes
Penciller: Juan Ferreyra
Inker: Juan Ferreyra
Cover: Juan Ferreyra
After a desperate five-year quest, John Constantine has claimed the ultimate occult prize: the Helmet of Fate!

Writer: Frank Barberie
Penciller: Tyler Kirkham
Cover: Jorge Jimenez
Kon has a final, fateful confrontation with his clones and finds help from some unlikely allies!

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Superboy # 31
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* Summary:
- The son of Superman returns to the present day DC Universe to shape the world into a metahuman-free society. With blood on his hands and murder in his heart, Superboy begins a plan to cure his own genetic disorder and change the future he was born into.

Superboy is still eak after the events from last issue

STAR Labs are trying to cure him

Parasite attacks the place but Jon beat him

He realizes that he needs to find Kon if he wants to get cured

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DC Comics' ongoing monthly "Superboy" series has seen quite a few changes in the past four years, the biggest occurring last year with the death of the book's titular hero, Kryptonian clone Kon-El. But from the ashes of the old a new, alternate future Superboy has risen, chronicled first by writer Marv Wolfman and now by writer/artist Aaron Kuder.

Introduced with the New 52 relaunch, Kon-El was a clone with Kryptonian and human DNA, created by the organization N.O.W.H.E.R.E. and the mysterious villain Harvest. Breaking free of his sci-fi prison, Superboy joined the Teen Titans and, over time, moved from apathetic anti-hero to more enthusiastic superhero. However, when flung into the future during "Forever Evil" Kon came face to face with his clone progenitor: the evil Jon Lane Kent, alternate future son of Lois Lane and Superman. Raised by Harvest, who seeks a cure for the disease that is slowly killing Jon, this Superboy plans on ridding the world of all metahumans in one murderous swath, and after Kon died in the "Krypton Returns" story Jon took his place.

Rest of the interview, can be read over at ComicBookResources
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Sorry, I am not in the Jon Kent redemption arc of Superboy if that is what Aaron Kuder / DC is planning. I want Kon back. I will accept no substitutes. I have placed Superboy book purchase on hold until Kon-El returns. I already did not like Jon Kent introduction, but to like - sorry, no can do.

Superboy # 30
Preview images at Craveonline; ComicBookResources

-A FOREVER EVIL aftermath issue! Superboy is returning to the world post-FOREVER EVIL, but it may not be strong enough to survive this twisted Teen of Steel and his allies from the future. His plan is simple: Wipe out all Super Heroes!

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Spoilers (from Super4Ever)

-Jon is sick. After the preview he flies away and promptly crash lands and gets a nose bleed.
-He is confronted by a new Guardian in a pretty nice new costume. He takes Jon back with him after he faints.
-They wind up in a lab run by Cadmus, but seemingly a unit within itself. A few characters are introduced.
-One of the scientists states that they know that Jon isn't Kon, they're similar but they know things are off. Yet they offer to help Jon anyway.
-Jon continues to be haunted by Kon twice in this issue. First time when they show Jon his new room, his costume which is hanging up takes up the image of Kon in Jon's mind.
-Again at the end of the issue, we see the "ghost" of Kon once again saying that Jon cannot run from his past.
Superboy #29
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* Summary:
- The son of Superman and his team of humanoid hybrids return to the present-day DC Universe in search of revenge and a chance at changing the world into their own perverted image of a perfect world.
Superboy # 28
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* Summary:
- Superboy and his new team of unstable teen powerhouses must return to the present-day DC Universe to make sure Jon Lane Kent lives to see his plans come to fruition!
Superboy #27
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* Summary:
- The son of Superman finds himself trapped with the Teen Titans in a future that may kill all of them

In this issue we continue the adventures of Jon Kent, the evil superboy as he begins the formation of his legion of super villains. Still in the 31st with the rest of the teen titans, Jon has a slightly nagging voice in his head telling him to bust out some superhuman out of a stasis tube, after letting her out things get crazy. This new superhuman, named Schiz, apparently has the power to control others based on her emotions, sending Jon flying around for a few pages and then she sends creepy smiling guards after him. He manages to fight them off before she compels him to put a gun in his mouth, only saved at the last minute by his teammate Raven. However, it is at this point where things get interesting, it turns out Raven knows that Jon really isn't Kon and tells him not to harm the titans, obviously he does not keep a level head because he keeps trying to hit her. However as she leaves she tells kon that they have a common goal. Later, after Jon returns back to the Echo base, Schiz returns albeit more friendly. She wants him to help her and the other mutated people left to die in the stasis tubes plus get their revenge he will have an army of his own to use to go back and kill all meta-humans, hence the legion of super villains. However, we also find out that the voice was none other then Raven herself, who is using him to help her father.

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One of my favourite video from Krypton Returns event. Yes, its true, I am still sad to see Kon-El go, and being replaced his original murderous donor, Jon Kent. But still, this brief video captures the Kon-el's heroic actions in Krypton's final moments - his mission to see that Kara leaves Krypton and save the Argo city at the cost of his own power. In the end, he realizes that he was never a living weapon, but simply "I am just a kid who tried" and dies heroically with Krypton. I hope that he comes back and kicks Jon's butt.

Awaiting Kon-El's return *finger's crossed*

Official Description: H'El has come to Earth! A figure from Krypton's past has come to Earth, hoping to revive the dead planet--in place of this one. Superman, Superboy, Supergirl and the Justice League stand ready to fight, but whose side is everyone on? As hero fights against hero, will the Kryptonians be able to defeat H'El, who is their equal in every way?

Collects SUPERMAN #13-17, SUPERBOY #14-17 and SUPERGIRL #14-17.

Review: Advertised as the first Superman Family Crossover of The New 52 that brings Superboy, Supergirl, and Superman into each other's orbit when H'el intrudes in their lives. Considering himself to be a survivor of Krypton, who has been stranded on Earth, and H'el's true goals lie to resurrect Krypton no matter what price the Earth pays or lives are lost.

Almost killing Superboy, lying and manipulating Supergirl, hijacking Superman's Fortress of Solitude, as well as Superman and Superboy meeting for the first time, and taking on Superman and Justice League are some of the awesome battle feats are shown in this entire crossover. All while these is going on, there is overall threat looming around as to whether or not the combined forces of Superman, Superboy, and Supergirl will enough to save the solar system when an ancient "omnipresent cosmic being that is called as worlds are about to die", Oracle of the Timeless, makes its appearance in the final events of the crossover in addition to plant the seeds of Krypton's return.

Official Summary: Deep inside a lab run by an organization known as N.O.W.H.E.R.E., a living weapon was being developed from the DNA of the Kryptonian visitor Superman. Spliced with human DNA, this clone of Superman seemed to be a failed experiment, until it escaped and became known as Superboy.

As Superman attempts to help Superboy understand and control his powers, they are set upon by another Kryptonian refugee by the name of H'el. H'el is determined to resurrect his home planet by any means necessary and that includes the destruction of Earth.

Collects Superboy #13-19 and Superboy
Annual #1.
Superboy #26
Preview images at ComicBookResources; Superman FaceBook Page; InsidePulse

* Summary:
- Lost in time with the Teen Titans, Superboy comes to some startling revelations about his origins and future! Can he and the team rescue Kid Flash and find the way back to their own era?

Starting with issue of Superboy Jon Lane Kent takes over the book.

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Review DCComicsNews; ComicBookRoundup; ComicVine; weirdsciencedccomicsblog

Marv talks about writing Jon Kent in SUPERBOY, his characters appearing on 'Arrow' and other medium and what writing Superman means to him.

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