Mar. 15th, 2017

Written by Nick Spencer
Art by Daniel Acuña, Rod Reis
Cover Art by Mark Brooks
Published by Marvel

Summary: What if your greatest ally was secretly your greatest enemy? What if the most trustworthy, stalwart hero history has ever known has been planning in secret a massive betrayal? That time is now!
The Marvel Universe is under siege from within! Captain America, secretly a true believer in the cause of Hydra, has turned his back on the Super Hero community. Using the trust and respect he has gained over the years he has ascended to a position where he can enacts Hydra’s ideals. The death of Jack Flag, the trial of Maria Hill, the second Civil War, the alien Chitauri Queen. All of the dominos of Captain America’s plan have been laid out — and it will take only the slightest push to set them into action!
Now, the Avengers, the Champions, the Defenders, the Guardians of the Galaxy, the X-Men and more will be tested. As Hydra’s grip tightens around the Marvel Universe, the heroes stand at the precipice of an unprecedented challenge. How will they Marvel Universe cope with this shattering betrayal by the most trusted among them?

Preview images at Newsarama; CBR
Discussion here
Fans have known for some time now that the director has been assisting Avengers: Infinity War. Since Gunn is the mastermind behind the Guardians of the Galaxy films, the director has been overseeing the intergalactic team’s part in the upcoming movie. And, now, Gunn has shed more light on what his work on the film entails.





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