Mar. 13th, 2017 spoke with writers Jeremey WHitley and Charles Beacheam about the upcomiong Secret Empire one-shot Secret Empire: Undergorund where a small group of heroes who just might have the key to saving everyone

The onsehot will art from the talented Eric Koda, and will debut at a critical point in the Secret Empire storyline. Characters like Mockingbird, Quicksilver, Hercules, and the Wasp will venture to the Savage Land to recover a teammate vital to the mission in addition to something that can turn the tide in their war against Hydra.

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Collider article states that Kingsman: The Secret Service filmmaker Matthew Vaughn is Warner Bros.’ top choice to direct Man of Steel 2, and preliminary conversations about the prospect have taken place.This isn’t yet in the deal-making stage, and Vaughn could very well end up not directing the film, but he’s who Warner Bros. wants at this point in time. Moreover, sources tell us that if Vaughn for some reason doesn’t direct Man of Steel 2, Warner Bros. still wants him to helm another superhero movie in the DCEU.

Source: Collider; CBR; Screerant
In a spoilery article, BleedingCool announces how The Amazing Spiderman will tie into the Hydra Cap event The Secret Empire

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